Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  ()
(suf) house (e.g. of Tokugawa)
2  (ご)
(n) widow
3  (た)
(n) another family
4  (ぶ)
(n) samurai
5  (いっ)
(n) a house
6  (おう)
(n) royal family
7  (かい)
(n) family lineage
8  (かい)
(n) (my) elder brother
9  (かい)
(n) household economy
10  (かん)
(n) family constitution
11  (にん)
(n) retainer
12  (らい)
(n) retainer
13  (らい)
(n) retainer
14  (らい)
(n) retainer
15  (ざい)
(n) (Buddh) layman or laity
16  (しゃ)
(n) family of Shinto priests serving a shrine on a hereditary basis
17  (せっ)
(n) (line of) regents and advisers (advisors)
18  (せん)
(n) Senke school of tea ceremony
19  (ぜっ)
(n,vs) extinct family
20  (ぜん)
(n) Zen
21  (そう)
(n) head of family
22  (たい)
(n) rich family
23  (だん)
(n) family which supports a temple
24  (だん)
(n) family which supports a temple
25  (とう)
(n) (1) this family
26  (どう)
(n) the said family
27  (はっ)
(n) (1) (abbr) the eight early Japanese Buddhist sects
28  (ぶっ)
(n) Buddhist priest
29  (ぶん)
(n,vs) branch family
30  (へい)
(n) the Taira (Heike) family
31  (べっ)
(n,vs) branch family
32  (ほん)
(n) head house (family)
33  (みや)
(n) residence or family of a prince
34系図  (かいず)
(n) family tree
35計費  (かいひ)
(n) household expenses
36計簿  (かいぼ)
(n) household account book
37蜘蛛  (ごぐも)
(n) (uk) widow spider (of genus Latrodectus)
38  (ごにん)
(n) lower-ranking vassal in the Kamakura and Edo periods
39  (ごにん)
(n) lower-ranking vassal in the Kamakura and Edo periods
40御三  (ごさん)
(n) (1) three branch Tokugawa families
41  (しゅっ)
(n,vs) entering the priesthood
42  (ぶもの)
(n) samurai romance
43宮田  (みやた)
(n) the Miyata family
44  (りょう)
(n) good family
45  (りょう)
(n) both families
46愛犬  (あいんか)
(n) lover of dogs
47一軒  (いっんや)
(n) (1) detached house
48裏千  (うらせん)
(n) Urasenke school of tea ceremony
49経済  (いざいか)
(n) frugal person
50警世  (いせいか)
(n) social critic
51経世  (いせいか)
(n) statesman
52健啖  (んたんか)
(n) glutton
53建築  (んちくか)
(n) architect
54健筆  (んぴつか)
(n) ready writer
55倹約  (んやくか)
(n) thrifty person
56摂関  (せっかん)
(n) line of regents and advisers (advisors)
57総本  (そうほん)
(n) head family
58探検  (たんんか)
(n) explorer
59天皇  (てんのう)
(n) the Imperial Family
60刀圭  (とういか)
(n) doctor
61徳川  (とくがわ)
(n) the House of Tokugawa
62時代  (ぶじだい)
(n) Feudal period (characterized by the rule of the shogunate as opposed to emperor, 1185-1867 CE)
63政治  (ぶせいじ)
(n) feudal government
64屋敷  (ぶやしき)
(n) samurai residence
65  (へいがに)
(n) (uk) Heike crab
66冒険  (ぼうんか)
(n) adventurer
67養鶏  (よういか)
(n) poultry farmer
68長権  (かちょうん)
(n) patriarchal right
69黒後蜘蛛  (くろごぐも)
(n) (uk) black widow spider
70健脚  (んきゃくか)
(n) good walker
71研究  (んきゅうか)
(n) researcher
72試験  (こっかしん)
(n) state examination
73を立てる  (ごをたてる)
(exp) to remain faithful to the memory of one's husband and never remarry
74将軍  (しょうぐん)
(n) family positioned to accede to the shogunate
75血清  (じかっせい)
(n) autologous serum
76政権  (ぶせいん)
(n) samurai government
77伝奏  (ぶでんそう)
(n) Imperial official in charge of communication between the shogunate and the court (during the Muromachi and Edo periods)
78奉公  (ぶぼうこう)
(n) service with a samurai family
79の末  (へいのすえ)
(n) descendant of the Taira (Heike) family
80母系  (ぼいかぞく)
(n) matrilineal family
81ウィンザー  (ウィンザー)
(n) House of Windsor
82眷属  (いっかんぞく)
(n) one's family, relations, and followers
83系伝説  (かいでんせつ)
(n) family legend
84計の助け  (かいのたす)
(exp) assistance in supporting a family
85計の扶け  (かいのたす)
(exp) assistance in supporting a family
86計を締める  (かいをしめる)
(exp) to economize in the household
87族計画  (かぞくいかく)
(n) family planning
88警察国  (いさつこっか)
(n) police state
89傾斜  (いしゃやちん)
(n) progressive increase in rent
90閨秀画  (いしゅうがか)
(n) (accomplished) woman painter
91けい秀画  (いしゅうがか)
(n) (accomplished) woman painter
92権門勢  (んもんせいか)
(n) great and powerful person
93経済  (こっかいざい)
(n) the national economy
94主権国  (しゅんこっか)
(n) soverign nation
95背赤後蜘蛛  (せあかごぐも)
(n) (uk) redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti)
96入唐八  (にっとうはっ)
(n) eight Japanese monks who visited China during the early Heian (Enchin, Engyou, Ennin, Eun, Jougyou, Kuukai, Saichou, and Shuuei)
97諸法度  (ぶしょはっと)
(n) law decreeing rules for daimyo during Tokugawa shogunate
98の流れ  (へいのながれ)
(n) the Heike line
99本元  (ほんほんもと)
(n) original home
100医師国試験  (いしこっかしん)
(n) National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination
101閨秀作  (いしゅうさっか)
(n) woman writer
102兼業農  (んぎょうのうか)
(n) part-time farmer
103権力  (こっかんりょく)
(n) power of the state
104遁世  (しゅっとんせい)
(n) monastic seclusion
105物語  (へいものがたり)
(n) Tale of the Heike
106嫌煙活動  (んえんかつどういえ)
(n) antismoking activist
107百年の計  (こっかひゃくねんのい)
(n) permanent national policy
108の生まれである  (りょうのうまれである)
(v5r) to be of good family
109奢る平久しからず  (おごるへいひさしからず)
(exp) pride goes before a fall
110驕る平久しからず  (おごるへいひさしからず)
(exp) pride goes before a fall
111歯科医師国資格試験  (しかいしこっかしかくしん)
(n) National Dentistry Examination
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