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1  (うつす)
(v5s,vt) to project
2  (うつり)
(n,n-suf) reflection
3  (うつる)
(v5r,vi) to be reflected
4し絵  (うつしえ)
(n) film picture
5し出す  (うつしだす)
(v5s,vt) to project
6り込み  (うつりこみ)
(n) background reflections (e.g. on a window)
7影を  (かげをうつす)
(exp) to mirror the image (of)
8鏡に  (かがみにうつる)
(exp) to be reflected in a mirror
9障子に影を  (しょうじにかげをうつす)
(exp) to project a shadow on a shoji (paper sliding-door)
10鏡に自分の姿を  (かがみにじぶんのすがたをうつす)
(exp) to reflect oneself in a mirror
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