Speech Evaluation for iPhone

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  1. Download: ClearRecord Lite (Free) in English, ClearRecord Lite (Free) in Japanese

  2. Start

  3. Setup for WAV format and 16kHz sampling

  4. Tap for Recording and Stoping

  5. Check for Recording Files

  6. Setup ON for Wi-Fi File Sharing
    Check URL of Fixed IP and Not Fixed Port No. at Bottom

  7. Open 2 Browser Windows for Saving PC and Uploading Server

  8. Check File Using Browser (Check URL above Slide)

  9. Save File to Your PC Using Browser (Check URL above 6th Slide)

  10. Effective "wget" Command for WAV Download from iPhone to PC Using Java
    Change proceduers above (6) - (9) to a next for Windows and Mac OS
    1. Open Terminal Application (Finder - Applications - Utilities - Terminal.app)
    2. Hints: curl -O = java wget = wget

    3. curl -O

    4. java -version
    5. Download wget.class (Java application program)
    6. java wget
    7. java wget

    8. wget

    9. ls -al
    10. Terminal

  11. Login to Server

  12. Upload a Sound File to Server

  13. An Example of Evaluation

ClearRecord, Recording, To PC, Wget, Login, To Server, Evaluation
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