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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 iCampus: Free Registration (Iwate Univ.)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test
Intermediate e-Learning 1090 English
2 Basic Japanese Sentences with Speech (Iwate Univ.)
English, Chinese, German, Italian, Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese
Elementary Grammar 1065 English
3 Favorite Site Associative Kanji Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Learn Kanji Using Stroke Order Animations and Matching Quizzes for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android
Beginner's Kanji 1009 English
4 Japanese Stories with Speech (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate Links 768 English
5 Hiragana with speech (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Kana 568 English
6 Favorite Site LESSON/J (Iwate Univ.)
Listening Quizzes Using Java (Japanese Language Education System for Speech on an On-demand Network)
Elementary Listening 539 English
7 Favorite Site Hiragana and Katakana Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Quizzes for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
Beginner's Kana 409 English
8 Favorite Site uPal: Network Dictionary (Iwate Univ.)
Multiple Network Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition
Elementary Dictionary 339 English
9 Introduction to Kanji (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Kanji 289 English
10 Katakana with speech (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Kana 288 English
11 Favorite Site uPal: United Portal for Advanced Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Text Parsing for Furigana, Dictionary Searching and Text-to-Speech
Elementary Reading 279 English
12 Japanese Fundamental Grammar (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Grammar 266 Japanese
13 iCampus (Iwate Univ.)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test (Integrated Campus using Advanced Multimedia Processing in a Ubiquitous Society)
Intermediate Test 251 English
14 ふりがなや辞書検索などのuPal説明書 (Iwate Univ.)
uPal User's Manual (PDF, 400kB)
Elementary Dictionary 243 Japanese
15 Multimedia (Iwate Univ.)
Multimedia Processing
Advanced Multimedia 238 English
16 Introduction to Japanese (Iwate Univ.)
Japanese Language Learning with Speech
Elementary Resources 236 English
17 にほんご入門 (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Resources 227 Japanese
18 Table of Roman Letters (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Kana 218 English
19 Favorite Site uPal: United Podcast for Advanced Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Kanji Animation Videos
Beginner's Podcast 209 English
20 First Step to Kanji Stroke Orders (Iwate Univ.)
Basic rules of stroke order using animations
Beginner's Kanji 206 English
21 LESSON/J (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Listening 196 Japanese
22 List of Japanese Numbers (Iwate Univ.)
Beginner's Resources 194 English
23 Joyo Kanji List for Stroke Orders (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Kanji 189 English
24 Speech Analysis (Iwate Univ.)
Speech Analysis for Japanese
Advanced Phonetics 187 English
25 iCampus: Login (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate e-Learning 183 English
26 Japanese Word Accent (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Phonetics 180 English
27 Favorite Site 連合漢字学習 (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary e-Learning 178 Japanese
28 Favorite Site iCampus (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate e-Learning 149 Japanese
29 iCampus: How to Register (Iwate Univ.)
Free Comprehension Test in iCampus Project
Intermediate e-Learning 144 English
30 SP Home (Iwate Univ.)
Home Page
Intermediate Resources 139 English
31 Mora and Syllable (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Phonetics 126 English
32 iCampus User's Manual (PDF, 340kB) (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate Test 123 English
33 Experimental Phonetics (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Phonetics 120 English
34 University in the World (Iwate Univ.)
Teacher's University 119 English
35 International Conferences (Iwate Univ.)
Teacher's Links 111 English
36 Favorite Site Kanji Search Using Multiple Methods (Iwate Univ.)
Easy search by English mearning, On/Kun/Romaji reading, pinyin, radical and so on.
Beginner's Kanji 109 English
37 連合漢字学習 (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Kanji 108 Japanese
38 Handwriting Practice for Hiragana and Katakana (Iwate Univ.)
Recognition for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android
Beginner's Kana 106 English
39 Speech Analysis (Iwate Univ.)
Advanced Multimedia 90 Japanese
40 uPal: 先進的学習連合ポータル (Iwate Univ.)
ユーパル: ふりがな、辞書検索
Elementary Dictionary 83 Japanese
41 EJU: Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate Test 83 Japanese
42 iCampus: Get Your Password via E-mail (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate e-Learning 77 English
43 Multimedia (Iwate Univ.)
Advanced Multimedia 69 Japanese
44 uPal: Network Dictionary (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Dictionary 68 Japanese
45 Multimedia Museum (Iwate Univ.)
Advanced Multimedia 67 Japanese
46 University in Japan (International Student Center) (Iwate Univ.)
Teacher's University 67 Japanese
47 SP Home (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate Resources 66 Japanese
48 Programming Language (Iwate Univ.)
Advanced Multimedia 64 Japanese
49 Java Programming入門 (Iwate Univ.)
Advanced Multimedia 63 Japanese
50 岩手大学 (Iwate Univ.)
Teacher's University 58 Japanese
51 Web-based Hand-tracing Practice in Your Favorite Order (Iwate Univ.)
Recognition for PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android
Beginner's Kana 24 English
52 Favorite Site Links for Japanese language learning (Iwate Univ.)
United Links
Elementary Links 9 Japanese
53 Favorite Site スマホで日本語発音学習 (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary e-Learning 9 Japanese
54 How to Install Free Japanese Educational Fonts (Iwate Univ.)
PC & Mac 無料 日本語 教科書体 フォント インストール 方法
Beginner's Kanji 8 English
55 Favorite Site Speech Evaluation Using iPhone (Iwate Univ.)
Special Morae([kite]来て、[kiQte]切手、[osaka]小坂、[o:saka]大阪、[to:kyo:]東京、[yoNde]読んで)、Word Accent([ame] 雨、飴)
Elementary Speaking 6 English
56 uPal: United Portal for Advanced Learning (Iwate Univ.)
Elementary Reading 6 Japanese
57 Favorite Site Speech Evaluation Using Smartphone (Iwate Univ.)
Special Morae([kite]来て、[kiQte]切手、[osaka]小坂、[o:saka]大阪、[to:kyo:]東京、[yoNde]読んで)、Word Accent([ame] 雨、飴)
Elementary Speaking 5 English

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