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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 Japanese Stories with Speech (Iwate Univ.)
Intermediate Links 769 English
2 Japanese Language Tutorials
Elementary Links 350 English
3 Yahoo: Japanese Education Tutorials (Yahoo)
Japanese Language > Online Lessons
Elementary Links 227 English
4 Open Directory
Reference: Dictionaries: Languages: Japanese
Advanced Links 223 English
5 Japanese Language (Wikipedia)
Beginner's Links 205 English
6 Japanese Resources (University of Sussex)
Japanese links
Elementary Links 204 English
7 Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks (Saboten Web)
Teacher's Links 191 English
8 Category: Japanese Language (Wikipedia)
25 subcategories
Beginner's Links 174 English
9 Japanese Language (New Mexico Tech)
Elementary Links 169 English
10 Linguistics Web Sites in Japan (Tohoku Univ.)
Teacher's Links 163 English
11 Yahoo: Japanese (Yahoo)
Directory > Social Science > Linguistics and Human Languages > Languages > Specific Languages > Japanese
Elementary Links 135 English
12 Nihongo e-na (JPF)
Elementary Links 122 English
13 Visit Japan Campaign (Visit Japan Campaign)
Accommodations, Travel, Food, Search and Others
Elementary Links 116 English
14 International Conferences (Iwate Univ.)
Teacher's Links 111 English
15 Yahoo Languages (Yahoo)
Directory > Social Science > Linguistics and Human Languages > Languages
Elementary Links 108 English
16 Japanisation FAQ for computers running Western Windows [FAQ]
Intermediate Links 106 English
17 Google Search (Google)
Elementary Links 91 English
18 Kanji Science
Handwriting Practice for Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji
Elementary Links 78 English
19 Yahoo! USA Search (Yahoo)
Elementary Links 77 English

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