Japanese Basic Texts

An example of E-mail text in English and Japanese

First E-mail

Taro lives in Japan.
Hanako can write English.

Tom can read Japanese but can't write Japanese.
Merry lives in USA.

To: tom@email.net To: tom@email.net
Cc: taro@email.ne.jp Cc: taro@email.ne.jp
Subject: Hello Subject: Hello
to mu ku n ,

ko n ni ti ha .
wa ta si no na ma e ha , ta ro u de su .
wa ta si ha , mo ri o ka ni su n de i ma su .
wa ta si ha 12 sa i de su .
soccer ga su ki de su .

wa ta si no to mo da ti ni na tu te
ku re ma se n ka ?

ma ta te ga mi wo ka ki ma su .

yo ro si ku .

mi wa _ ta ro u
Dear Mr. Tom,

My name is Taro.
I live in Morioka, Japan.
I am 12 years old.
I like to play a soccer.
Would you like to be my E-mail friend?

I will send E-mail to you again.


Taro Miwa

Reply Mail

To: taro@email.ne.jp To: taro@email.ne.jp
Cc: tom@email.net Cc: tom@email.net
Subject: Re: Hello Subject: Re: Hello
Dear Taro-kun,

>> ko n ni ti ha .

I am 15 years old.
I live in Washinghton D. C. where is not Washinghton state.
I don't play a soccer but play a baseball.

>> wa ta si no to mo da ti ni na tu te
ku re ma se n ka ?

Yes, I will send E-mail, soon.


Tom Washington

Tom Washington

Official letter
na i ka ku so u ri da i zi n do no

ha i ke i

wa ta si ha Internet wo tu ka tu te
ni ho n go wo do ku ga ku de be n ki yo u si te i ma su
si ka si IT se n si n ko ku to i i na ga ra
ni ho n go ki yo u za i no a ru da i ga ku to no a ku se su ni
ta ku sa n no zi ka n ga ka ka ri ma su
ze hi Network no se i bi wo o ne ga i si ma su

ke i gu
内閣総理大臣 殿



  • 殿(どの)
  • 様(さま)
  • 君(くん)
  • さん
  • ちゃん

# is commnet mark such as PS.
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